150KG/H Capacity Soya Nuggets Extruder Will Be Shipped To Zambia

2022-01-19 10:46:14

150KG/H Capacity Soya Nuggets Extruder Will Be Shipped To Zambia by Shandong Loyal Industrial Co.,Ltd., we provide latest information about the products regularly.

As a professional soybean protein soya nuggets production line manufacturer, our puffed soybean protein soya nuggets processing equipment is developed by the soya nuggets food technical engineer with more than ten years of experience. A Zambian soybean nugget customer contacted us through our company website, he wanted to start this new business, and wanted us to give him technical and machine support. At first we contacted by email, and later added WhatsApp to facilitate our timely communication.

I added the Zambian customer's WhatsApp to confirm the final soya nuggets picture with the customer.


The Zambian customer wanted to produce a round and simpler soya nuggets firstly,and the customer also want to know what the raw materials and processes of soy protein are like, and then i introduce these two questions to him one by one.


Automatic textured soy protein soya nuggets manufacturing process machine uses soy protein isolate and soybean defatted soy flour as raw materials, soya nuggets manufacturing process by milling, mixing, extruding, cutting and packing to get isolated protein/textured soya protein/vegetarian soya meat for sale.

Depending on the protein content of the raw materials and products used, there are three main types of textured structured soy protein:

The Classification Of 150KG/H Capacity Soya Nuggets Extruder Will Be Shipped To Zambia


Textured soy protein powder: trade names such as Soytex and Bontex, which are soybean textured protein produced from low-denaturation soybean meal powder, with a protein content of 50-65% (on a dry basis, the same below) ).


Textured soy protein concentrate: The trade name is Contex, which is made from soy protein concentrate powder, with a protein content of about 70% (on a dry basis, the same below).


Others: such as the soy protein product as the main raw material, adding gluten (sometimes also adding starch) to produce the structured soy protein.



The Equipment List Of 150KG/H Capacity Soya Nuggets Extruder Will Be Shipped To Zambia


Soya Nuggets Making Machine Name

Detail Description


Flour Mixer

To mix the raw materials like defeated soya bean powder with water , etc.


Twin screw extruder

To cook the soya bean powder and extrude in different shapes.


Air conveyor

Take the extruded products into oven or drying.



Drying extruded products surface moisture and extend shelf life.


Crushing machine (option)

Crushing the extruded soya protein food into small pieces.



To conveyor the soya protein food into the next machine


Flavouring machine

By changing the seasonings to get different flavors.

The production process of soya nuggets manufacturing process line: mixer→screw conveyor→twin screw extruder

→air conveyor→dryer→hoister→flavoring drum and oil sprayer→cooling machine→packing machine

(The Production Process Of Soya Nuggets Manufacturing Process Line)


After that, I recommended the capacity that is more suitable for developing new business to the Zambian customer, and sent the equipment parameters.

Technical Parameters Of 150KG/H Capacity Soya Nuggets Extruder Will Be Shipped To Zambia

Model Type

Installed Power (Kw)

Power Consumption (Kw)

Capacity (Kg/h)

Dimension (m)

LY65 Processing Line





LY70 Processing Line





LY85 Processing Line






Next, I sent the Zambian customer the detailed pictures and related videos of our machine.

(Soya Nuggets Machine Detailed Pictures)


The Zambian customer is satisfied with our soybean nugget machine and want to know the price of different soya nuggets machine with 150kg/h capacity.

150KG/H Capacity Soya Nuggets Extruder Will Be Shipped To Zambia Price List

Soya Chunks Process Equipment


Unit Equipment Price ($)

Flour Mixer

1 Set

US$850.00 -- US$1,200.00

Screw Hoister

1 Set

US$1,200.00 --

TVP65 Double Screw Extruder

1 Set

US$11,600.00 -- US$11,600.00

Cutting Machine

1 Set

US$3,000.00 -- US$3,000.00


1 Set

US$1,500.00 -- US$1,900.00

Three-layers Dryer (gas)

1 Set

US$10,300.00 -- US$30,300.00

Cooling Conveyor

1 Set

US$1,000.00 -- US$4,000.00


Afterwards, I also discussed with Zambian customers about issues such as payment methods, shipping costs, installation and commissioning. After a month of negotiation, the customer and his team finally decided to buy the 200kg/h soybean nugget production line, which will be shipped to Zambia in 35 working days.

(150KG/H Capacity Soya Nuggets Extruder Will Be Shipped To Zambia -- Loading Customer Factory Pictures)