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  • Deep Fried Snacks
  • Deep Fried Snacks
  • Deep Fried Snacks
  • Deep Fried Snacks
  • Deep Fried Snacks
  • Deep Fried Snacks
  • Deep Fried Snacks
  • Deep Fried Snacks
  • Deep Fried Snacks
  • Deep Fried Snacks

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Deep Fried Snacks Made By Industrial Deep Fat Fryer

Deep fried snacks lucluding many different snacks like, chicken, nuggets,seafoods, meatballs,tempura,pigskin,coated vegetables,french fries,potato chips,peanuts,green bean,banana chips,doritos chips,shirmp chips,pellet snacks,kurkure and others.this is normally use a deep fryer or vacuum fryer. deep frying is classified as a dry cooking method because no water is used. due to the high temperature involved and the high heat conduction of oil, the food is then prepared quickly.


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How to work of Deep Fryer With Filter
Oil filter can extend the use time of frying oil to save production costs For example: ① Unit price of frying oil 8$/kg,Fryer have 500kgoil volume,running 7days,The unit price of used oil is 3$/kg,working 12h /day. Then it can be...
Industrial Fryer Process
The Fried snacks continuous fryer process system is specially designed for continuous,high scale factory use, including : A. Infeeding B.commercial deep fryer C. Oil filtering D. Oil circulation E. Deoiling F....

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  Industrial Deep Fryer Machine Systems feature: stainless steel manufacturing, double mesh belt conveyor products, variable frequency speed regulation, shaping plate mesh belt, prevent the products from floating, to prevent...
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