Do You Know The Maintenance Of The Puffed Snack Making Machine?

2020-10-19 11:41:05

With the continuous progress and development of society. Extruder machine is used more and more widely. Then the maintenance and maintenance of the corn puff extruder machine becomes more and more important. Next, Shandong Loyal will explain to you about the maintenance of the twin screw extruder:

corn puff extruder machine


The main engine gear box body should be checked and replaced every six months. Use 30# mechanical oil in winter and 40# mechanical oil in summer.

The motor belt of food extruder machine should be checked once a month. If it is loose, please adjust it at any time, if it is damaged, please replace it in time.

corn puff extruder machine


Always observe the heating current meter. If there is a change in the heating current. Check whether the heating ring is damaged in time. If it is damaged, please replace it in time.

Always observe whether there is leakage in the cooling system pipeline.

The electrical wiring of the extrusion is checked every 15 days. All wiring must not be loose, squeezed, dusted, etc.

corn puff extruder machine


Regularly check whether the connecting parts are loose. If there is, it will be tightened.

If extruded snacks is not turned on for a long time. Please oil the inner surface of the barrel and the surface of the spindle to prevent rust. The inlet of the barrel should be closed. The spindle is placed in the barrel to prevent bending and deformation.

corn puff extruder machine


Moulds, die bodies and other parts that are not in use for the time being should be oiled for storage.