How is Biodegradable Drinking Straws Maker?

2020-09-02 14:41:32

Degradable straw is a new type of non-polluting, degradable routine within 60 days. To satisfy the needs of market clients, our business has actually created a brand-new kind of Pasta Alcohol consumption Straws Extruder . The primary resources are corn starch, rice flour, flour as well as other grain flour. The items produced are all eco-friendly, non-polluting, and edible. The main extruder adopts regularity rate-controlling with high automation. The screws are made of...

Application of Wheat Straw Making Machine

2020-09-02 14:38:31

The wheat straw making equipment is generally a device that concentrates on the manufacturing of various pasta shapes. The produced food is not only by people's preferences, but additionally ends up being a prominent style of food. It has low-fat, low-calorie, healthy, and more and more individuals like to eat this food. The Spaghetti Straws Extruder is not only suitable for residence usage, but also for bakeries, restaurants, treats, and even food handling plants. The...

Why choose Rice Straw Making Machine?

2020-09-02 14:42:22

Rice straw making device the rice flour, cassava starches the raw product then forms a kind of recreation food after extruding, slaking, creating, drying out, frying, and pumping up. Our business has boosted the assembly line efficiency through the market research and also our own technology as well as makes the driver operate the equipment efficiently as well as make the craft more perfect. Pasta Alcohol Consumption Straws Extruder is an indispensable production food device for...

What is Dog Treat Biscuit Making Machine

2020-07-15 14:13:03

  Dog Treat Biscuit Making Machine  can make various shape green biscuit and weight through roller printed. The split blade is equipment with adjusting device; user can adjust according to requirement. The specially designed roller overcomes the phenomenon of knife wear unevenly. The green body made by this machine can bake through hot air rotary ovens or tunnel stoves. Pet biscuit making machine/Dog treats machine/Pet snack production line is specially designed to...

What is Edible Rice Flour Drinking Straw Making Machine?

2020-07-15 11:34:59

    Edible rice flour drinking straw machine could produce edible rice straw for drinking instead of plastic straw. to aovid environmental pollution, edible rice straw becomes popular to replace plastic straw.   The whole production line includes raw material mixing system, extrusion system, cutting system, cooling system, and drying system. Implement centralized production line fully automatic control, by PLC and touch screen operation, all operations...

What are the advantages of Corn Starch Straw Making Machine?

2020-07-15 11:56:45

  The wheat straw corn starch pellet making machine make pellets through extrusion by roller and die, die fixed, roller rotating, this efficient centrifugal type pellet machine, unique vertical ring die, with high pressure for hard wood sawdust, rice husk, bamboo, tree barks, straw, paper with low adhesion. Some materials  will be sawdust, branch, cotton stalk, cotton seed hull, weeds, stalk and all kinds of crop straw, home waste etc. Wheat straw corn starch...

The role of Snack Pellet Production Lines

2020-07-15 14:41:54

  Introduction of fried pellet snack food machine The fried pellet snack food machine adopts the flour, starch, and potato starch as the material then forms a kind of leisure food after extruding, slaking, forming, drying, frying and flavoring. 1.The screws of the fried pellet snack food machine are made by ally steel and special craft, the screw life is longer, uses building block system structure, may combine willfully. 2.The forced lubrication system of the fried...

How to Artificial Rice Making Machine?

2020-07-15 14:43:37

  Rice is one of the main food sources in the world. As a result of a large number of proteins and trace elements losses during rice making processing, so that greatly reduce nutrients. Artificial rice is a grain product made to resemble rice. It is usually made from broken rice, sometimes with the addition of other cereals, and often fortified with micronutrients, including minerals such as iron, zinc, vitamins. Artificial rice making machine suppliers use twin...

Introduction of Nutritional Baby Rice Powder Food Processing Line

2020-07-15 16:49:49

  Nutritional Baby Rice Powder Food Processing Line can use corn flour, wheat flour, rice flour, soya bean meal, peanut meal etc to produce inflated snacks and non-inflated pellets products by changing screws. It consists of feeding system, extruding system, cutting system, heating system, driving system, lubricating system, water-cooling system and controlling system. Details & Features: 1.of alloy (38CrMoAL) by nitriding process, high strength and...

How to Fully Automatic Kurkure Making Machine?

2020-07-15 16:38:49

  kurkure making machine is a special extruded snack with extreme crispy taste. The main raw material is corn grits which is mixed with water evenly by the flour mixer, squeezed and twisted by the extruder to form the irregular curls shape, and then cut into different length, After drying or frying, the product is then tumbled with the desired flavor components, other flavor and format variations such as Cheetos Puffs, Cheetos Paws, Cheetos Twists, Cheetos Balls, and...

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