What is Cereals Bar Production?

2020-11-14 10:51:25

Cereals bar production is a fully automatic multifunctional cereal bar production line. At the same time, the manufacturer based on years of experience and advanced technology to develop it. What’s more, it can produce fruit bars, cereal bars, nutrition bars and nougat. It it also fit for many types of snack foods on the market. And also its material is the kind of food-grade stainless steel. So it can ensure the safety and sanitation of food and make consumers more at ease....

What is Biscuit Without Drag Box Packing Machine?

2020-11-11 10:18:42

Biscuit without drag box packing machine is a professional biscuit packing machine. At the same time, the precise control system can achieve high-precision weighing. At the same time, it can make sure the weight is consistent. And then, it can complete the steps of feeding, feeding, packaging and cutting. At the same time, it can realize highly automated production. At the same time, it can meet the various packaging needs. And then, it is very fast packaging speed and maximum...

Application of Biscuit Sandwiching Machine

2020-11-11 10:12:00

It is a professional biscuit sandwiching machine . At the same time, can make many different types of biscuit sandwiches. At the same time, the main raw materials are chocolate, butter, jam and cheese. And then, fillings of different flavors can sandwich. At the same time, between the biscuits according to the needs. At the same time, it is automatically transferred to the packaging machine for packaging. And then, the entire production process can realize highly automated...

The best 800-1500KGH snacks making machine

2020-11-11 10:02:33

800-1500KG/H snacks making machine uses advanced twin-screw extrusion technology. So, it can produce a variety of snack foods with different tastes and textures. Such as sandwich bread, puffs and potato chips. At the same time, all foods mainly use corn, wheat flour, potato flour and corn starch as the main raw materials. And then, through the steps of frying, seasoning, cutting, and packaging. Finally provide consumers with the most popular snack food. And then, the machine...

How to produce 300-500kgh corn flakes?

2020-11-11 09:54:19

300-500kg/h corn flakes is a delicious snack made with corn, wheat flour and other grains as the main raw material. At the same time, with some trace elements and minerals added. And then, after extrusion, peeling, frying, and seasoning. At the same time, this snack is rich in carbohydrates and dietary fiber. So, they have been widely popular among consumers. At the same time, it has a highly automated production method. And then, the whole machine is made of food-grade stainless...

What is Corn Flakes Box Packing Machine?

2020-11-11 09:24:03

The corn flakes box packing machine is suitable for fast packaging and sealing of various snack foods. Such as biscuits, cashews, nuts, corn flakes, oatmeal and other foods. What’s more, the equipment uses a highly automated production method during packaging. Then, it can realize the functions of automatic transportation of food and packaging bags, automatic cutting, and ultraviolet disinfection. At the same time, it is very practical. And then it has become an indispensable...

What is Nutrition Powder Process Line?

2020-11-11 09:17:14

Nutrition powder process line  is a professional automatic production line. It mainly uses various food such as rice, corn and bean food as raw materials. Through crushing, mixing, pressing, cutting, puffing, packaging, etc. Baby rice noodles, mung bean powder, sesame paste, etc. They can all made. It is simple to operate and easy to use. It can save a lot of worker and material resources. Then, reduce the manufacturer's production cost. All materials made of it to...

Impact of Rice Drinking Straw Making Machine

2020-09-02 14:25:37

Rice Alcohol Consumption Straw Making Machine is composed of an extruder and also passes away, cooling down system, haul-off and rotary cutter, all the machines easy procedure. The machine is suitable for extruding straws, a vast array of industrial applications. The foremost extruders screw created to suit whole grain rice as well as pudding material defined. Tube pass away head with die pin/bush assembly produced in tool steel. Pasta Alcohol consumption Straws Extruder...

How to Pet Food Production Line?

2020-07-15 14:10:33

  The pet dog cat food machine can manufacturer the food with novel various shape, particular tastes and scientific nutrition for lovely pets. Our machines enjoy excellent sales by its high outputs and simple and easily be operated wihich can help you save manufacture space and manufacture cast. The pet food extruder can manufacturer the food with novel various shape, particular tastes and scientific nutrition for lovely pets. Our machines enjoy excellent sales by...

Application of Fried Dough Snack Machine

2020-07-15 14:08:08

  This Double-screw fried wheat flour snack processing line uses double screw extruding technique to replace the traditional steam booling process with high efficiency and no pollution without a boiler. The raw material can be total whear flour, or mixing with corn powder, rice powder, or others. By changing the moulds, the products can be in different shapes. After fried and flavored, the final snacks will be crispy and tasty. This line has features of continuous...

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